Specializing in Strategic Plans & Programs for High Achieving Professionals to Maximize Performance


I work at the intersection of personal well-being and professional development.

As a versatile Consulting Psychologist with 25 years of experience, my work is in talent assessment and development, individual and group coaching; customizing and executing strategies, programs, and platforms to meet organizational objectives. Throughout my career, I have committed to helping people learn, gain insight, and maximize their potential. I love coaching professionals who are eager to do the work.

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You can Empower Yourself!

Enhance well-being and build psychological capital.
It is an optimal time to tap into post-COVID growth.


  • Thrive and perform at your best without unnecessary distress and overwhelm
  • Increase energy, focus, and well-being
  • Upgrade your mindset to free up cognitive capacity
  • Move towards optimal mental health
  • Manage Stress
  • FEEL better
  • Become more productive
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There is a
significant cost to not addressing workplace mental health.

Your employees are struggling and disengaged. You can help by investing in their mental health through awareness, education, action, and advocacy.
I partner with organizations to help:
  • Create a customized plan to address workplace mental health
  • Create a return to work strategy that supports mental health
  • Build out menu of options to support employee mental health
  • Provide effective channels and programs for employees to build psychological fitness
  • Create conditions for your employees to thrive
  • Raise awareness of mental illness and reduce stigma
  • Create allyships for mental health advocacy
  • Leverage their ERG programs to support mental health awareness
  • Well position teams to mitigate burnout
  • Educate & train managers on mental health issues
  • Create channels for employee connections, community, and peer support
  • Break the silence
  • Enhance a well-being culture
  • Learn how to support staff who are experiencing mental health problems
  • Encourage staff well-being through individual action plans

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List of Top Brands than Dr. Karen has worked with over time.

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